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33rd Annual Fundraising Banquet

Date(s): Saturday, April 02, 2022
Hours: 5:00 PM
Event: 33rd Annual Fundraising Banquet

Annual Fundraising BanquetThank you for supporting our PF chapter! Our committee decides how 100% of all the funds we raise are used to best benefit the local habitat.

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Soon, a Mahaska County Pheasants Forever committee member

will contact you to enlist your assistance again with our 33rd Annual Fundraising Banquet on April 2, 2022.

Through your past support, we have been able to carry out many worthwhile projects. In the 32 years

just past, Mahaska County Pheasants Forever has invested $1,181,842 for conservation, including

the local projects below:

• 824 food plot projects for 6,332 acres 

• 511 nesting cover projects for 5804 acres

• 145 controlled burn projects for 5,000 acres

• 10 wetland projects on 474 acres

• 377 woody cover projects for 719 acres and 146,118 trees

• 14 land acquisition projects for 4,919 acres

• Supported High School Shooting Teams

• Mahaska County Pheasants Forever has reached

over 15,000 youth in its youth programs

• Helped sponsor the annual Youth Outdoor Field Day,

attended by over 225 kids

• Invested $284,448.00 into youth education and

public awareness

• Purchased over $87,613.00 of habitat equipment

• Contributed $1,000.00 to the Legislative Action Fund

Our plans for the upcoming year:

• Fight to protect CRP in the Farm Bill

• Continue our commitment to Conservation

Education in Mahaska County

• $15,000 Commitment to local wildlife areas

within Mahaska County

• Sponsor local boys to attend DNR Outdoor

Skills Camp

• Cost-sharing cover on CRP, WRP &

wetland restoration projects

• Expanded private lands programs such as

food plots, nesting cover, and mid- contract


• Add more to local land acquisitions

Thank you for your past generous donations that have helped us raise the funds we needed for these

projects over the past 32 years. Please consider donating again.

This year, as in the past, we truly appreciate your consideration and your support.


Event Questions?

Jeff VanDerBeek
Phone: 641-660-2671

Host Location

Penn Central Mall
Penn Central Mall (Map Location)