About Pheasants Forever Mahaska County - 245

A Local Iowa Chapter

A Local Iowa Chapter

Mahaska County Pheasants Forever is a local chapter of Pheasants Forever, Inc. Pheasants Forever is dedicated to the conservation of pheasants, quail and other wildlife through habitat improvements, public awareness, education, and land management policies and programs..

Pheasants Forever is the only national organization with a model of chapters keeping 100% of the funds they raise under local control. While belonging to a larger national organization that has a voice on federal and state conservation policies, chapters are tasked with finding habitat and education projects for their funds.

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Our Chapter Mission

Protect, restore, and enhance wildlife habitat by establishing and maintaining local projects.

  • Create, improve, and preserve upland bird habitat
  • Recruit and mentor new hunters
  • Develop, distribute and foster conservation education.
  • Introduce and advance prudent conservation policies.
About Mahaska County Pheasants Forever

About Mahaska County Pheasants Forever

Mahaska County Pheasants Forever is a group of local residents, wildlife professionals, sportsmen and women, and conservation enthusiasts dedicated to improving wildlife populations, outdoor recreation opportunity, shooting sports, and public access. 

Our Local Habitat Projects

Our Local Habitat Projects

We actively partner with other chapters and Iowa organization of natural resources on many habitat projects.

  • Habitat field days are conducted when opportunities arise.
  • We involve young people through activities such as youth hunts and habitat projects.
  • Habitat projects and efforts to restore and preserve public lands.
  • Contribute to funding purchasing and restoration of local land throughout our community.

Our Fundraising

  • Our annual fundraising banquet, which is attended by more than 240 people, generates thousands of dollars. The banquet is held in early February each year.

What is Pheasants Forever?

A national organization dedicated to the preservation and restoration of habitat for upland game and wildlife throughout the nation.

  • Over 140,000 grassroots members and volunteers who have developed more than 10 million acres of pheasant and other wildlife habitat since inception.
  • 600 chapters completing over 35,000 projects annually.
What Can You Do To Help?

What Can You Do To Help?

Please explore our website and discover more about the chapter. You'll find detailed information on all our activities and upcoming events. Let us know what you think; we appreciate your feedback. If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact us. We welcome people interested in the Pheasants Forever mission to attend our monthly meetings, listed on our events page.

  • Become a Pheasants Forever member or sponsor
  • Volunteer your time or resources to our chapter

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